Good to Go – Feeding Tips

Good to Go – Feeding Tips

The ‘Good to Go’ bale is the same weight as a regular conventional hay bale, but with the benefit of being compressed.

This creates a much smaller size hay bale for ease of handling but without losing the quantity or quality of the lucerne hay.  The ‘Good to Go’ bale will still break up into flakes or biscuits like a conventional lucerne hay bale which makes it easy to feed out but care must be taken not to overfeed.

Once the bale is opened and the strings cut, the flakes will relax and expand slightly allowing you to extract the hay. This process can be sped up by breaking the flake up by hand, in which case the hay will relax out to the same volume as a regular flake.

Monitor the feed quantity

Because the hay has been so tightly compressed, it is very important to weigh or gauge each flake to ensure that you are feeding the correct amount and not overfeeding. If managed correctly you will get the same amount of coverage as from a conventional bale.

Good to go compressed lucerne hay bale compact size