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Lucerne is one of the oldest plants grown for forage, dating back over 3000 years.

We may not have any links to the ancient Greeks or Romans but when it comes to growing lucerne hay we still know a thing or two about providing a high quality palatable feed.

It starts from the monitoring of weather conditions so we can chose the optimal time to cut the lucerne. The hay is then mowed, gently conditioned and left to sun cure to the right moisture content. This ensures the maximum amount of nutrient filled leaf and natural colour is retained. When ready, the lucerne is raked and baled by our team and collected off the paddocks as soon as possible to maintain it’s condition.

We’re also a bit precious about the machinery and equipment we use. You may still find a 50 year old Massey Ferguson or hand cropper stashed out the back of the shed but today we use the latest technology and modern equipment to harvest the hay. It’s just another step we take to ensure a quality feed product.

At KFS we do the whole job, from quality control, the paddock it comes from, what the day was like, harvesting and then delivery. This means we can  guarantee a GMO free and weed free product specifically formulated to maintaining  healthy diet for most animals from sheep & beef, bull studs, dairy, to goat and equine animals.

We stand by it’s quality – 100%.